The frequently asked questions published on our web site, divided into logical sections, were set up as a result of the questions that you as users ask us when calling our customer service or contacting us via the “direct line” section. Your cooperation is vital to us, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any doubts or needs you may have. For us it is a real pleasure to be able to solve every customer problem, big or small.

Beds and Containers

I would like to ask: what type of leather is used to cover your upholstered beds?

We only use natural leather for our beds: thick-cut leather processed by hand. The natural leathers are drum-dyed and have a strong dirt-resistant surface finish, easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. The processing is traditional, hand-stitched, with minor defects typical of leather. The grain unevenness typical of full gain leather is proof of its absolutely natural origin.
The leather used by La Falegnami is tested in certified laboratories and fully meets all the REACH regulations, guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances.

What types of bed bases are fitted in your beds collection?

All La Falegnami beds are fitted with bed bases composed of 90 narrow slats in birch plywood, rigidity-adjustable as standard. The bed base slats are narrow so as to allow the mattress to breathe and stop damp from stagnating, offering extraordinary comfort. The rigidity adjusters allow calibration of the flexibility of the bed base according to body weight.

Is it possible to include adjustable bed bases?

Adjustable bases are available both with manual and motorised mechanisms: it is possible to adjust the support height to facilitate breathing and circulation. The adjustment also allows you to enjoy a relaxing position for reading or to watch television.


Hi, I’ve just bought one of your wardrobes with mirrored doors, but I would like to ask if it could be dangerous in the event of impact, if the mirror should break?

First of all, I would like to thank you for choosing us. As regards our mirrored-door wardrobes, we can guarantee maximum safety because the double adhesive system between glass and panel ensures that the sheet glass will hold even in the event of accidental breakage. In addition, a silicon adhesive is always used on the perimeter strips in 3M double-sided adhesive tape. So the mirrors are supported by a sturdy panel which keeps any fragments glued to it if the mirror is broken.

Please can you tell me the basic price of the wardrobe with sliding mirrored door?

Our wardrobes are produced only on request, based on the specific needs of our customers as regards the measurements, finishes and internal accessories. Therefore there is no approximate standard price. However, you can request a customised quote from your nearest La Falegnami retailer. You will find a full list of our retail outlets on the web site by clicking on the Retailers tab.

I need to have a sliding-door wardrobe made, lacquered in the same colour used on the wall. Is this possible?

This would be no problem for La Falegnami. We can reproduce any kind of sample colour. Feel free to send us a small colour sample, through the authorised retailer, and as soon as we can we will let you have our matching sample for your approval. As our production is on a small scale, La Falegnami can assure you the pleasure of having something unique in your home.


What materials are used to make your wardrobes?

For its wardrobe production, La Falegnami uses hollow-core with shell in solid spruce to guarantee resistance, screw tightness and the absence of toxic chemical products.

What exactly is hollow-core?

La Falegnami prefers to construct its wardrobes with hollow-core panels that do not contain particle board. The frame is in weathered solid spruce and medium-density slimline panels. The medium-density panel is a wood fibre panel obtained via steam and defibrators, then high-pressure glued using thermosetting adhesives. Medium-density panels have an optimum surface in terms of stability and flatness, for lacquering or as a base for a natural wood veneer.

Why use hollow-core?

Hollow-core is a high-quality material: the hardware and screws grip the solid wood and not on the particle board, guaranteeing a long life. Wood is a natural material, healthy, robust and light.

Do the adhesives used release toxic substances into the bedroom?

La Falegnami safeguards health: we only use vinyl adhesives, the same adhesives also used in the food industry. For a healthy home, free from formaldehyde emissions.

What about lacquering?

We only use water-based paints so as to drastically reduce solvent emissions. We spend a third of our lifetimes in the bedroom, with our children.
For this reason, La Falegnami is constantly committed to the search for low environmental impact production processes.

Purchasing and Sales Network

I would be interested in buying a complete bedroom suite produced by you. I would like to know if it is possible to visit the company and buy directly.

La Falegnami does not sell directly, but only through authorised retailers. Qualified staff will be happy to take measurements at your home, for the design and the personalised quote for your bedroom. You will find the full list of our retail outlets on the web site by clicking on the Retailers tab.

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